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The Coring Company (TCC)

The Coring Company is on a mission to make mining and exploration more sustainable by giving mine owners and mine contractors, tools for better decisions. The SCS Software platform provides tools for gathering and processing data from operations on a daily basis – enabling the mine owners to optimize their operations. Our patented hardware – the Cuttings Sampler Unit (CSU) provides the necessary mineral samples to be able to do this.

The mining industry is under pressure to be more environmentally friendly (8% of global carbon emissions are attributed to mining), while under an equally strong geopolitical pressure, with a race to source and secure access to critical raw materials (e.g. copper, rare earth materials) for Green Technologies. On the other side, the industry struggles to improve extraction efficiency – as much as 60 % material extracted is waste and must be deposited to landfill. The only way to address these challenges is to improve visualization and data access of underground geology to pinpoint targeted ore more accurately.

The Coring Company has developed a novel, advanced sampling technology to enable more representative 3D visualization of operational mines. The technology aids the industry to have less waste and CO2 emissions for operations, while getting more detailed investigation of the area leading to more minerals captured for sale.


Diversity statement

In The Coring Company we are committed to promoting gender equality, and recognize the importance of creating a workplace where all individuals regardless of their gender feel valued, respected and have equal opportunities to succeed.

As a startup company we believe that when people feel included and we have a space for people to voice their thoughts in a safe environment; we will be successful. By leveraging the unique perspectives and experiences of our employees, we are better equipped to innovate, problem-solve, and serve our customers.

In The Coring Company we treat employees, clients and suppliers with fairness, dignity, and respect.

We will also continue to recruit employees that understand and embrace diversity and inclusion. We will hold ourselves accountable for creating a culture so the company is known for being welcoming and supportive of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading technology supplier for ground investigations globally and in space.

Our core values

Collaboration, Innovation, sustainability for people and planet

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If you want more information about The Coring Company and our products, please contact us at mail@thecoring.com

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Company Milestones

June 2021

Provided office in the USA

October 2021

Initiation of the Space pre-project

April 2022

End phase of the 
Space research project

May 2022

Launching SCS for the construction industry

December 2022

Hardware solution for mining industry patented

Q1 2025

SCS Mining planned ready for sales

Q4 2025

Initiation of Agriculture project