The Coring Company (TCC)

From our headquarters in Mo I Rana in the Northern parts of Norway, we are heading towards rapid international growth. TCC is aiming for an all-over optimization and digitalization of the procedures used in fieldwork today. With data from drill rigs, samples, and industrial experience, we can provide a much more detailed analysis with reduced sample materials.

The Coring Company will provide services within AI & Optical, Software (CICD), Hardware, Sample analysis, and Robotics. Our ambition is to be an end-to-end provider and create cost and time-efficient solutions that reduce CO2 emissions within the heavy industry—starting with our cutting-edge software, Sample Control System (SCS).

Sample Control System (SCS) is now introduced for Construction and will be launched for the Mining industry in 2023. Other services are under development, including Tunneling, Deep-Sea Mining, Agriculture, and Space Mining.


Diversity statement

In The Coring Company we are committed to promoting gender equality, and recognize the importance of creating a workplace where all individuals regardless of their gender feel valued, respected and have equal opportunities to succeed.

As a startup company we believe that when people feel included and we have a space for people to voice their thoughts in a safe environment; we will be successful. By leveraging the unique perspectives and experiences of our employees, we are better equipped to innovate, problem-solve, and serve our customers.

In The Coring Company we treat employees, clients and suppliers with fairness, dignity, and respect.

We will also continue to recruit employees that understand and embrace diversity and inclusion. We will hold ourselves accountable for creating a culture so the company is known for being welcoming and supportive of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading technology supplier for ground investigations globally and in space.

The Coring Company


TCC will create a new standard for ground investigations globally and in space using groundbreaking research, AI, and robotics – while contributing to social impact. 

Company and/or product presentation

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Company Milestones

June 2021

Provided office in the USA

October 2021

Initiation of the Space pre-project

April 2022

End phase of the 
Space research project

May 2022

Launching SCS for the construction industry

December 2022

Hardware solution for mining industry patented

Q4 2023

SCS Mining planned ready for sales

Q1 2024

Initiation of Agriculture project