Optimizing ground investigations for the construction industry
Map your ground conditions for optimal fertilization
Align all data sources for a complete map of the ore deposit
Resource mapping through our patented solution for space mining
Lowered risk and costs for deep sea mining ventures

Optimizing ground investigations for the construction industry agriculture the mining industry space mining deep-sea mining

Optimizing ground investigations for the construction industry.

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The next big thing in ground investigations

SCS is software made to reduce risk, costs, and time for the entire value chain related to ground investigations. The solution facilitates lower Co2 emissions and a better basis for making decisions regarding the project, providing you with technology created for streamlining the entire process of ground investigations. For more information view the video or get a demonstration from our sales team. 

What we do

Using our unique software, Sample Control System (SCS), we reduce our clients’ time, cost, and risk related to fieldwork. With our groundbreaking test framework and AI, we can provide your site with time-efficient methods for planning and carrying out the ground investigations and optimize your analysis methods.

What we do
Who we are

Who we are

The Coring Company (TCC) is an innovative tech company that is developing a unique and necessary upgrade to the process of ground investigations. With plans for rapid international growth, we aim for an all-over optimization and digitalization of the procedures used in the field today. With data from drill rigs, samples, and industrial experience, we can provide a much more detailed analysis with reduced amounts of sample materials. 


Founder of the week

Our CEO was named founder of the week. She talks about interdisciplinary ground sampling and testing, and the prospect of mining in space. Read more

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Starting her own company

Our CEO Frida K. Vonstad shares the story of how she choose to come back to her hometown Mo I Rana to start her very own company, instead of taking a job with NASA.

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Member of NIFRO

The Coring Company is a proud member of NIFRO (The Norwegian Industrial Forum for Space Activities). NIFRO function as a meeting point between companies, academic environments and institutes within Norwegian space activities.

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