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The next big thing in ground investigations

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The next big thing in ground investigations

Sample Control System (SCS) is software made to reduce risk, costs, and time for the entire value chain related to ground investigations. 

The software solution facilitates a quality-controlled decision-making process regarding your projects, providing you with technology created for streamlining the entire process of ground investigations. This solution reduces the cost and time spent on projects and reduces the risk of delays and injury.

What we do

The Coring Company provides cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to heavy industry through research, AI, and robotics. We work with industry leaders to enable a digital transition in several industries through ground-breaking technology products.

The Coring Company is bringing tailor-made solutions to traditional heavy industries with products made by, and for, leading industry players.

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Who we are

The Coring Company (TCC) is an innovative tech company that is developing a unique and necessary upgrade to the process of ground investigations.

With plans for rapid international growth, we aim for an all-over optimization and digitalization of the procedures used in the field today. With data from drill rigs, samples, and industrial experience, we can provide more detailed analysis with reduced amounts of sample materials.

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