The Coring Company AS has entered into a project agreement with SINTEF regarding product development

The Coring Company AS has entered into a project agreement with SINTEF, involving two of its institutes, SINTEF Manufacturing and SINTEF Helgeland. This agreement pertains to the development of TCC’s unique and patented hardware product for collecting drill cuttings from production drilling in the mining industry. The product has garnered significant international interest, and several agreements for its purchase have already been signed following its development.

The hardware product is a part of our SCS Mining system for planning and collecting drill cuttings, as well as visualizing and predicting their contents. This system will provide more data for operational use and more precise resource models, thus contributing to making mining operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

This is a high-tech product with various components, and within the project, SINTEF will conduct analyses of material choices for the different parts of the product. Additionally, they will explore production methods for large-scale manufacturing. The product is slated for commercialization by 2024 and holds significant global potential.

The project is funded by the Regional Research Fund Nordland.


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