We created the Sample Control System (SCS) to provide a solution that gives our customers broader foundations to make crucial decisions. The information received from ground investigations is vital for further planning the project, and the results often have a significant impact on the timeline and budget for the build.  

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Securing your documentation 
With our tool, you get the possibility to compile all the information in one place, whether it is information pertinent to the location of your sampling or relevant documentation of how you dealt with safety concerns during the project. Using a digital database helps increase efficiency through ease of access and sharing of vital information between workers.


Environmental impact  
The Coring Company strives to contribute to lowering the CO2 emissions within the heavy industry. Decreasing the in-field time for necessary heavy machinery and eliminating redundant use of them will result in fewer emissions per site while reducing costs for the developer.


Risk reduction 
Thoroughly planning your operation with our software will also create a more secure process for the in-field workers. You will be able to calculate the project’s risks, get real-time information from machinery, and have live communication with the fieldworker for any issues or complications occurring during field time.


Analyzing your material 
We give your company a competitive edge through our groundbreaking laboratory testing framework. The framework optimizes analysis methods allowing our clients to receive information relevant to multiple disciplines within ground investigations. This increases efficiency while giving broader data foundations for making decisions. Using SCS reduces risks for delays and cost increase for your project.

Latest news

Founder of the week

Our CEO was named founder of the week. She talks about interdisciplinary ground sampling and testing, and the prospect of mining in space. Read more

Starting her own company

Our CEO Frida K. Vonstad shares the story of how she choose to come back to her hometown Mo I Rana to start her very own company, instead of taking a job with NASA.

Member of NIFRO

The Coring Company is a proud member of NIFRO (The Norwegian Industrial Forum for Space Activities). NIFRO function as a meeting point between companies, academic environments and institutes within Norwegian space activities.

Future industries

Future industries include: MINING AGRICULTURE SPACE DEEP-SEA


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Risk reduction

Providing lower Co2 emissions, higher efficiency, and risk reduction 


Digital database of all the documentation relevant to the project 


SCS provides an all-over digitalization and optimization of the project, 
which facilitates cost reduction for your company.