Sample Control System

Ground investigations, of all kinds, in different industries basically shares the same value chain. It’s
different contexts but the value chain is the same. This is the basic idea behind the SCS platform – we
use the same Software platform and adapt this to the industry need and context.

Sample Control System (SCS) enables the digital transformation in the ground investigation industry. SCS is enabling the construction industry to take control of their own data, optimize their workflows and reduce risk in their projects.

The application digitize the whole planning operation, enhances collaboration between all stakeholders, provides a dynamic drilling plan, and makes it easy for everyone to track progress and make changes. It streamlines tasks by automating and reducing steps in various processes and improves the quality of data and associated processes. IT also stores data and all documentation for later usage and control.

SCS also gives us an opportunity to implement cross industry features and functionality more quickly – we simply enable the features or functionality for an industry. This is possible because we have implemented the basic value chain as the core of the application.