Sample, analyze & optimize

Sample Control System

The Sample Control System (SCS) – Mining is a software that optimizes drilling, sampling, and analysis services. The software and associated hardware solution give you a deeper insight into your mine’s yield potential, explosive requirements, and production method while lowering the cost associated with the operations.

We are currently customizing our Software (SCS) to fit the wants and needs of this particular market. We use AI, software, and hardware technology to increase mining production and planning of operations based on live data streaming. Working closely with experts within the field, we create solutions that will make a difference for the industry players. 


The SCS software and associated hardware solution (patent pending) is a product that increases your geological model, reduces explosives required in mining operations, and optimizes your production plant through innovative AI and data usage.

Timeline Mining

Q1 2022

Pre-project Mining

Q4 2022

Patented hardware solution for mining industry

Q1 2023

Development and testing SCS for Mining (prototype) 

Q4 2023

Starting sales SCS for Mining


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Risk reduction

Providing lower Co2 emissions, higher efficiency, and risk reduction 


Digital database of all the documentation relevant to the project 


SCS provides an all-over digitalization and optimization of the project, 
which facilitates cost reduction for your company.