SCS Mining

SCS Mining – disrupting the mining industry

The Coring Company are on a mission to make mining and exploration more efficiant and sustainable. Our SCS Software platform provides tools for gathering and processing data from operations on a daily base. Our patented hardware, the Cuttings Sample Unit (CSU) verifies these  data – and enables mine owners and mine contrtactors to optimize their operations.

SCS Mining – disrupting the mining industry

The Coring Company is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of mining and exploration. Our SCS Software platform offers advanced tools for      collecting and processing operational data on a daily basis. Supported by our      patented hardware, the Cuttings Sample Unit (CSU), this technology validates the    gathered data, empowering mine owners and contractors to optimize their        operations effectively. 


We are currently customizing our Software (SCS) to fit the wants and needs of this particular market.
e use machine learning, algorithms, software, and hardware technology in combination to increase
mining production and planning of operations based on live data streaming. Working closely with
experts within the field, we create solutions that will make a difference for the industry players.

The SCS software and associated hardware solution (patent pending) Is a product that will contribute
to increasing the accuracy of your geological block models, providing you with better insight into
your resources, both in the field and after extraction. The solution can also contribute to better sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions, use of less explosives, and less waste rock. It will optimizes your production plant through innovative machine learning and data usage.

Cuttings Sampler Unit (CSU)

The CSU is a unique patented technology for borehole sampling. It can be utilized both during production drilling and in conjunction with core drilling to take precise and representative samples. It’s designed to fit with all types of drilling equipment and is mounted directly behind the drill bit. 

The CSU is emptied and cleaned in a dedicated emptying unit on-site, allowing it to be quickly set up for a new sample. The collected samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis. The CSU has minimal impact on the drilling operation itself, except for an additional process for emptying and cleaning the CSU.

This hardware is to be used with the Sample Control System Software (SCS Mining). Users can plan and perform the sampling during regular production drilling.

Furthermore, by uploading data from the drilling rig (MWD data) into the SCS Mining software, the system will provide the users with a 3D visualization representing the mineral distribution in the mine. Additionally, by linking data from MWD and core samples via our machine learning module, the system can predict the mineral

Utilizing the CSU and the SCS Mining software will lead to more efficient extraction of minerals and a better understanding of the mine. This will result in increased profitability and potential reductions in mass transportation to disposal sites, thus leading to lower CO2 emissions.

Timeline Mining

Q1 2022

Pre-project Mining

Q4 2022

Patented hardware solution for mining industry

Q1 2023

Development and testing SCS for Mining (prototype) 

Q4 2023

Starting sales SCS for Mining

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