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Sample Control System

Sample Control System (SCS) is the foundation of digital transformation in the ground investigation industry. SCS is the enabling toolkit for the construction industry to take control of their data, optimize their workflow and reduce risk in their projects. 

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The Sample Control System (SCS) is software that optimizes ground investigation services. The software gives you a deeper insight into your site’s ground conditions while lowering the risk of unforeseen delays.

Imagine software that decreases your time and cost frame and provides more detailed data. More detailed data about the ground conditions at your site will give you a better foundation for making the construction safe and stable.


The Sample Control System (SCS) is a new tool for managing your Ground Investigations more efficiently and with lower costs. Tests have shown that the SCS may give up to 40% cost reduction on projects! We achieve this through better communications and better project planning tools, better data management, and our research-based and unique testing framework (ITF), which reduces the risk of delays in your projects.

Download our Guide to SCS for more information.

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Planning and documentation

Sample Control System (SCS) workflows automate accessible layers of documentation, access to data points surrounding your site, risk prediction, and planning of site activities.

Fieldwork and laboratory work

Enhance data collection from fieldwork and laboratory work through enhanced data collection through digital tools and collaboration platforms.

Analysis and visualization

Visually explore risk zones, analyze the risks concerning your BIM model, and ensure quality related to ground conditions for the following stages of construction.

Interdisciplinary Testing Framework
We give you a competitive edge through our groundbreaking and research based Interdisciplinary Testing Framework (ITF). The understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of ground investigations is important, and the ITF gives a cross discipline impact analysis which make project managers able to better understand project risk and to avoid delays and increased costs in projects.
Securing documentation
With our software, you can compile all the information in one place, whether relevant to the site's location, historical data, or risk assessment documentation from the project. Using a digital database helps increase efficiency by easing access and sharing vital information between workers. We have made a digital solution for data currently documented with pen and paper.
Rocking communication
We know that bad communication and lack of information could have a significant impact on the efficiency of a project. Using our solution, the project manager will always see the progression of the fieldwork. Addressing issues or sending notifications to your colleagues is made easy and available directly in the Software.
Environmental impact
The Coring Company strives to lower the CO2 emissions within the heavy industry. Decreasing the in-field time for necessary heavy machinery and eliminating redundant use will result in fewer emissions per site while reducing costs for customer.
Risk reduction
Thoroughly planning your operation with our software will also create a more secure process for the in-field workers. You can calculate the project's risks, get real-time information from machinery, and communicate with the fieldworker about any issues or complications occurring during field time. Reducing risks involves identifying unforeseen scenarios early on that might delay and jeopardize the entire project.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not conduct ground investigations. The Coring Company provides software that gives companies that provide these services the opportunity to work more efficiently and gives the contractors more information and control over these operations and the data from the site.

You will save time due to the elimination of duplicate work on the site. Traditional methods require each field of experts within ground investigations to assess the conditions of the site. There will be only one round of sampling using our software, but you will still receive all the necessary information about the site's ground conditions. 

We give you a competitive edge through our groundbreaking Interdisciplinary Testing Framework. The framework optimizes analysis methods allowing our clients to receive information relevant to multiple disciplines within ground investigations. The results often significantly impact the timeline and budget of the build, so having all the information up front will minimize delays due to unforeseen ground conditions at the site.