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Mo i Rana, November 2022 – The Coring Company is a Norwegian tech company developing digital solutions for the contractor- and mining industry. Earlier this year, the company launched its new software, Sample Control System (SCS). The product SCS Construction is adapted to fieldwork and ground investigations giving the construction industry access to a powerful tool to reduce risk, costs, and the CO2 footprint in fieldwork operations. This autumn, The Coring Company entered into an agreement to test its product with Mesta, one of Norway’s largest construction companies, focusing on digital innovation.


CEO and founder of The Coring Company, Frida Vonstad, notes that through the agreement with Mesta, the product SCS Construction seems to fit the market well;

– We are pleased to have a company like Mesta in our portfolio! Through our product SCS Construction, we aim to cover a substantial need for digitization within the construction industry. Our solution for digital planning, risk mapping, and optimization will provide a better overview and lower risk in field operations. We are confident that all parties involved in ground investigation projects will obtain substantial improvements using the SCS Construction digital platform, says Vonstad.

Mesta has a goal of becoming the industry’s digital champion, and the Manager of Ground Investigations at Mesta, Ole Divino Randmæl, expresses his enthusiasm for being able to test the product SCS Construction;

– Mesta Ground Investigations see great potential in digitizing data and workflow when conducting geotechnical ground investigations. We are excited to test out the solution provided by The Coring Company. Since we believe that digitizing a more significant part of the value chain will help to improve both production processes and delivery, says Randmæl.


About Mesta

Mesta builds, maintains, and develops Norwegian infrastructure for public and private customers. Mesta is Norway’s leading player in the construction and maintenance of roads and road electricity, with an essential societal mission that they formulate through the company’s vision: “We show the way.” The company has a strong focus on digital innovation and has set itself the goal of becoming the industry’s digital champion. Mesta is owned by the Norwegian state through the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries, employs more than 1,700 people, and has an annual turnover of NOK 5 billion.


About The Coring Company 

The Coring Company (TCC), headquartered in Mo i Rana, Norway, was founded in 2019 and has 15 employees. Through the Sample Control System (SCS), TCC offers ground-breaking software for the optimization of ground investigations for the construction market, with a planned next product launch aimed at mineral extraction and tunneling projects. The Coring Company’s ambition is to be a total supplier that creates cost- and time-efficient solutions that reduce CO2 emissions within heavy industry.

Mesta Drill rig
Mesta Drill rig
Siv and Terje testing SCS

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