Advisory Board

Kjell Sletsjøe

Kjell Sletsjøe
Broad international manag-ement experience, former CEO for Rana Gruber.

Geir hågen karlsen

Geir Hågen Karlsen
Armed Forces leading expert on strategic influence operations.

Lene Westgård Halle

Lene Westgaard-Halle
Norwegian politician and parliamentary representative.

simon flack

Simon Flack
Special Advisor and business developer for Invest in Norway.

Karin Nilsdotter

Karin Nilsdotter
CEO, Spaceport Sweden. Tech Woman of the Year. Founder, Women in Space.

Andrew Shapiro

Andrew Shapiro
Co-founder and CTO of Proteus Space where he sets the technical direction for the company.

In collaboration and dialogue with strong global partners to support growth, scale, timing, and reach